The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself about Every Blog Post You Write

Let’s not mess around, here. I’ll tell you what the question is, straight away.

Why would anyone want to read this?

That is the most important question you could ask yourself about what you’re writing on your blog.

Sometimes, you just have something to say and that’s good enough. But sometimes it’s not.

So what if you have something to say? Just because you’re some kind of expert, you think the world hangs on your every word?

Why would anyone want to read this?

If you have an answer for that, you probably should work that answer into what you’re writing. Because “why” is never as “self-evident” as you think it is. I know this simply because of all the craptastic headlines I see that would be absolutely meaningless even to their intended target audiences, not to mention random strangers on the internet.

Your audience is going to see that headline and know nothing about how you built up to publishing your blog post and why. It had better get them to click on it or it’s DOA. In fact, there will be no arrival. It’s just dead.
Imagine a writer sending in a manuscript for a novel to a publisher. The editor tells her it’s terrible. The writer responds with, “But I spent five tortured years writing that!” The editor says, “Nobody cares about that. What they care about is that it’s any good.”

Nobody cares about your blog post unless it there’s something in it they care about, on their terms. Unless you can state why anyone should care to read it, they likely won’t care. If you can state why anyone should care, it’s because you know what they care about and that’s what you wrote about.

It’s simple to the point of being almost too simplistic. But there’s a lot of depth and complexity behind your answer to that most important question.

I can’t even count how many blog posts I’ve abandoned because I would ask myself this question: why would anyone want to read this? And if I couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer, I abandoned the draft. I already barely have time to blog, which is funny, because blogging is my business, right? But in many ways I’m no different from you. And I know you feel like you have little time to blog.

And the last thing you want to do is waste that time publishing something nobody cares about.

If you find you can’t answer that question for yourself, you’ve got some serious improvements to make in your blogging and possibly even your business as a whole.

If you’re having a little bit of a confidence issue, this might seem like an especially tough question to ask yourself. But nobody cares about your confidence issue (mostly because they don’t know you have one, not because they’re mean). But consider this: if you can clearly answer why anyone would care to read what you’re writing, that’s a pretty big confidence booster.
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