Keepin The Passion Strong: Blogging For Two Solid Years Now and Counting

Hmmm. Now that the topic has been brought up, I do find myself even more surprised. It feel like, whoa, I'm actually been doing this for two years and counting now! Geez, it almost looked as if yesterday, I was among the million or so newbies caught up in this crazy world - blogging.

How Long Have You Been Blogging?

I guess majority of the answer may be around a year right? I find it almost weird that most of this blog's readers are actually developed bloggers already rather than newbies. Haha. This is quite challenging, I have to broaden the scopes of this blog so that the contents here might find its way to a newbies success guide.

Is Time A Key Component To Blogging?

In answering this, I have to base on my own experiences. If I got anything from all these years of blogging, it is undoubtedly knowledge and experience. Making use of all my available time really reaped a lot of great benefits.

Most bloggers nowadays are driven by too much hyped up blogging schemes - blogging guides if I may say so. I've read some and I can say they are all helpful, but one thing they lack emphasis on is the importance of time, dedication and perseverance. As what we all know, overnight success is a term that only exists in a marketers promise, and it's a big fat lie.

Passion is Such an Essential Trait in Blogging

Many bloggers quit, gets too lazy or simply kill their blogs. What they have at first is a drive to succeed but the moment they face hardships, they are easily blinded and frustrated. Passion for me is a prescription, I make sure to take a dose every day. Sure, I get lot of down times with blogging before (visitors, content creation, traffic, readerships, you name it) but in terms of sticking to my blog through all the ups and downs my only source has been my passion to blogging. The one and only.

Keep Blogging. Keep Blogging. Keep blogging.

Remember Dory from Finding Nemo? (Must keep swimming!). The same thing applies to us too, just keep blogging! Don't mind about anything, just keep doing it and sooner or later you're closer to what you're aiming from the very beginning.

Me? I literally just kept blogging. One day I woke up, and voila! I'm two years in it already!
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