6 Easy Methods to Find Blogs for Guest Posting

It is a fact that an effective guest blogging leaves good impact on the traffic of your blog. When you realize the importance of guest posting then first thing that you need to do is to find some good blogs for guest posting. In case you have just started guest blogging and need a help in locating some good blogs related to your niche then I’m here to provide you the details of six ways, which let you to locate blogs in an effortless manner.

Find Blog for Guest Post

Method No. 1 Search Blogs on Google

I think Google is one of the best ways of finding blogs for guest posting. This search engine giant helps you in your guest blogging process but you should know how to use Google in a proper way. Actually, when I started guest blogging for my blog then I located guest blogging sites by searching terms that are mentioned below:
blogging+Write for Us
blogging + Be my guest
blogging+ guest bloggers
blogging+ guest post
blogging + guest post written by
blogging+ guest blogger guidelines
blogging +looking for guest bloggers
blogging+ guest blogger welcome
blogging+ guest post submission
You don’t believe but I found around 50 blogs related to blogging through these search terms. Your task is to “replace your keyword with blogging” while you are finding some guest blogging sites. You will surely find many good blogs through Google search.
Method No.2 Check Forums
There are many forums that are dedicated for webmasters, bloggers and internet marketers. I would like to share the name of some good forums where you can easily find other bloggers who are ready to accept your guest posts. Check the name below:
Check Forums
You should join these forums, if you want to post on high PR blogs. After joining, you can create your thread that highlights clearly that you are offering guest post free of cost. You should provide information of your blog and niche along with blog PR, if you want quick response. You will get many replies from bloggers who are always ready to accept guest post from good bloggers.
You can also locate some blogs by searching the forums. Actually, many blog owners want a guest blogger especially when they are busy somewhere else. Your task is to locate such threads and contact with owner with a “Informative and interesting guest post”.

Method No.3 About.com

I really like about.com since I’m able to find information literally about anything from here. When I began guest blogging, I felt it hard to locate the best blogs. Thanks to about.com blogging forum. You must check this forum because you are able to locate a list of blogs that are ready to accept guest posts.
In case you have idea about some blogs that are allowing guest post or you are going to accept guest posts then you should add blog here.

Method No.4 MyBlogGuest

It is a community of bloggers that is mainly designed to connect guest bloggers with blog owners.When you become a part of this community then you can not only find bloggers but you can also contact them. It’s quite simple to avail benefits from this community. Sign up, add the details of your website and start searching the blogs.

You can contact every blog owner personally. I think becoming a part of My BlogGuest is indeed vital for a blogger who is trying to reach diverse audience in a limited time period. Actually, this website has a list of different niches blogs, one can locate a blog related to one’s niche with a simple search. Want to register? Check here.

Method No.5 Blogger Linkup

Another easy way of locating many blogs for guest posting is to register for Blogger Linkup. Once you get registered for the website, your task is to offer your guest post. It’s quite simple. If someone is interested in your guest post then he will contact you.

You can use it in a different manner, either. Actually, when you register your account then you will get an email from Cathy Stucker usually on Monday and Wednesday. When you open an email then you will be able to see a list of different blogs that are either accepting guest posts or offering guest posts.
Your task is to find your niche blog and check its details, which is also given in the email. When you check details, you can find the email address of blog owner. Your task is to contact with owner with an offer of “free guest post”. Go and check here.

Method No.6 Join Blogging Social Groups

Another way of locating good blogs for guest posting is to become a member of guest blogging or simple blogging groups of LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Facebook. You are able to find a number of groups related to blogging or some specific niche blogs. For example, you can find Travel blog network or health blog network. Your task is to join these groups, communicate with other blogs owners and offer your guest posts. You will get two benefits, if you do this.

  1. Your post will be published on a high PR blog
  2. You will be able to expand your social network by joining hands with other bloggers.
I also used the same approach. I suggest you to join following groups, if you want to locate good blogs in a quick way.
  • Guest Blogging Portal (Facebook)
  • BetterBloggerNetwork (Google plus)
  • The Blog Zone-A Community For bloggers (LinkedIn)

Wrap Up

If you need more help then let me know. I’m sure that when you will try these methods then it will be quite simple for you to find a blog related to your niche. I also invite other bloggers to share some other methods that I forget to mention because we are here to help others. When you have found some good blogs related to your niche then you should check a quick list of 10 guest blogging mistakes. This list will make your guest blogging journey very comfortable as you will be able to send good proposal of guest posting to other blogs by avoiding the mistakes, which I have highlighted in the article.
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