How to Fight Back Against Feeling Overwhelmed About Blogging

Make a system

In order to prevent needing to put out random forest fires, forest agencies engage in controlled burning. Reacting to sudden events can make you feel overwhelmed. Instead of putting out random fires as they pop up, you can engage in controlled burning. So you’re not doing things reactively and scrambling. Even if you don’t think of yourself as organized, at the very least you can set aside regularly scheduled time to engage with your customers on social media and curate & create content for your marketing efforts. Having a timer can help you stay on track.

On the flipside, you don’t have to jump every time you hear a beep. Sure answering emails promptly is a good thing. But maybe not when you interrupt something else that’s actually more important.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Remember your goals and check your activities against them: are you making the needles move, or are you just pushing pixels around? Busy-work makes you feel like you’re getting things done, but it’s empty work calories.

Avoid distraction (not easy on the internet). Remember the dog from the movie UP? Squirrel!

According to the Cluetrain Manifesto, hyperlinks subvert hierarchy. Well, they also make it difficult to stay on target because they’re exploratory by nature. Again, a timer can help with this by providing a reminder you have to reach a goal, not just putz around.

Take a break

It’s okay to take a break once in a while. You’d like to think you’d be horribly missed or that you’ll lose all your business, but the truth is neither of those will happen. Your ego may not like that much, but your wallet will be okay. I didn’t post anything over this past weekend and nobody cried about it.

Just don’t let your break go on for too long. It can be insidiously easy to let inertia build up into an immovable object blocking you from your dreams & goals.

These work for me, but what about you?

Have your own strategies for coping? Share them and help everyone. Any of these sound good to you? Try them on, see if they fit.
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