Top 5 ways to Get Traffic to your Blog or Website

Top 5 ways to get Traffic to your Blog or Website

Hello webmasters, this article is about how to bring traffic to your blog. Many people worried about their blogging career. They don't know how to get traffic to their blog. They will write many articles and do everything still they are unsuccessful in blogging. There are many webmasters there around the world. We have seen many people quit their blogging. The main reason for quitting their blogging career is they are unable to bring people to visit their blog. If nobody visits your blog or website then what is the need of your website.

Why people write many articles without getting people to visit there website? They will frustrate about this and finally they quit from blogging. Getting people visit your blog is important in order to be a successful webmaster. Even if you want to earn money from your blog, traffic is must. So getting traffic is important than writing too many articles. Yesterday, one person requested me a lot to write an article about getting traffic to his website. So I decided to write an detailed article not only for him, this is for all people who want their blog to get lot of visitors and page views. I will share you the top 5 best ways to bring traffic to your blog and some ideas to get more. If you follow these, then you will be successful in getting more traffic to your blog.

Top 5 ways to get Traffic to your Blog or Website

1. Post Unique Content

The first important thing you have to keep in your mind is to write a unique content. As I always say content is king. If you don't write unique content and copy content from other blogs, then it’s better for you to quit from blogging. If you copy same content from other blogs, search engines like Google will results your website last. If anyone search a keyword in search engines, even if your blog is related to that keyword, your website won't be in search results. If you keep on copying content, search engines will blacklist your blog. Sometimes search engines like Google may even ban your website from being shown in search results. Getting search traffic is the best traffic to your blog. So never copy even a sentence from other websites. Always write unique content and discover some new content. This is the first step you have to keep in your mind before trying to get traffic to your blog.

2. Share Your article in Social networking sites to get traffic to your blog

Only writing unique content is not enough. Even though you may get search traffic but it will take some time to show your articles in search results especially if your domain is new. Even if your article is indexed, your blog will be in last in search results. Getting your article in top is very difficult as it search engines take many factors like backlinks. You should use social networking sites especially Facebook to get traffic to your blog. After publishing an article, share that article in all social networking sites. I recommend to you to use Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn and Google+ frequently. Get some friends, followers and join some groups related to your blog topic. If you share your article in those networking sites, it may bring traffic to your blog. Don't expect huge traffic unless if you know perfectly about using networking sites.

3.Join Forums related to your topics To Get traffic To Your Blog

This is most effective method to get traffic to your blog. Just join some forums related your topic. In order to find the forum related to your topic, search in Google as "forum:YOUR BLOG TOPIC" (without quotes). After finding forums, join in those forums and start participating in topics and answer some questions with a link back to your website. Don't spam the forum by posting your link too many times. Just be active in those forums and answer some questions and post your blog link.

4. Submit your article to Social Bookmarking Sites To Get Traffic To your Blog

This is the easiest way to get traffic to your blog. Just submit your post to social bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon, Digg, Reddit and Delicious. If you don't have account in these bookmarking sites, create now and start submitting your article. Sometimes your posts may goes viral in these sites, if this happens your posts will get huge traffic. Posting your blog link in these sites will get backlinks to your website also.

5. Interlinking your Posts to Get traffic To Your Blog

This method is very useful if you want to increase page views. If you are writing a new article, in some sentences just link back your previous article cleverly. Suppose if you are writing an article about "Backlinks" and if you are already published an article about "Blog traffic" then interlink "Blog traffic" article in "Backlinks" post. This method helps you if you want to decrease bounce rate.

Here are Other simple ways to get traffic to your blog

Here are some more ideas for how to get traffic to your blog (click the links for more helpful resources).

  1. Leave thoughtful and genuine comments on other similar niche blogs.

  2. Blog consistently.

  3. Optimize your blog for search engines.

  4. Use trackbacks.

  5. Be a resource.

  6. Style your posts with h1 tags, bold italic primary keywords, lists and subheads.

  7. Get on Social Media Share your content on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

  8. Link out to other blogs (but only ones).

  9. Leave a callback in the end by asking question or suggestion.

  10. Write content people will willingly want to link to.

  11. Request a link from others to a blog post.

  12. Write attractive eye cache headlines.

  13. Guest post on other similar niche blog.

I hope all the above methods to get traffic to your blog will be helpful to your website. In my next article, I will post about how to get backlinks to website. If you want any help from me, just comment below. Happy Blogging!
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