Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online

Top 5 Best ways to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online?

This is the common question from most of the people. It’s a dream for most of the persons around the world to make money on internet from home. Yes, it’s possible to make money on internet from home but it requires a lot of hard work. Instead of dreaming to get rich quick, you have to use your internet skills. Many people around the world started to make money online but most of them failed to earn even few cents. The main reason is they may thought it’s very easy to make money online without doing anything. Money is money, we can't earn money without our own hard work. In my beginning days, after researching about how to make money online, I decided to start a blog. I created a blog and without knowing anything I posted many articles. At that time the only aim for me was to make money online. So due to that I didn't concentrated on my blog and posted many articles but nobody visited my site. Without people visiting the site, it’s not possible to make money online. I wasted about 3 months due to that blog. I became frustrated and deleted my blog. Then I decided to stop dreaming about money and concentrated mainly on my blog and traffic. I learned SEO and how to get traffic and how to write articles differently. Then I posted articles in my new blog with unique content. For first few months, not many people visiting my site through search engines but I never gave up. I continuously posted many unique articles and was focused mainly on creating backlinks. After 3 months, suddenly Google Panda updated all search results. After that update, suddenly many people visited and viewed my articles from search engines. Then finally my dream became true and I put ads in my blog and earned few from that blog. After success with that blog, I created many blogs and I am earning lot of money with my blogs. So it’s very much possible to make money online if you are serious about it.

Points you have to remember to Make Money Online:

1. Don't think you can make money online within a night or day as it requires lot of hard work. If you are thinking like that then it’s better stop searching about how to make money online.

2. It takes few months to make money online and my advice is stop dreaming only about money for first few months.

3. You can make money online depending on your hard work and skills. The more hard work you will put the more you can make money online.

Five Best ways to Make Money Online:

1. Make Money Online with Blog

This is the best way to make money online. All you need to create a blog. After creating a blog on some topic, post articles on that topic. Write only unique articles and if you copy content from any other blogs then its better stop blogging. Post only unique content as search engines like Google loves unique content. So you will be in better position is search results. After developing a blog and if your blog gets decent traffic, put ads on your blog. The best advertising network for any blog is Google AdSense as it is maintained by Google itself. So Google Adsense is trustworthy and it pays more than other advertising sites. Adsense pays per click (PPC). When someone clicks ad in your blog then you will get money. Depending on your blog traffic and depending on no. of people clicks on your ad, you can earn more money. So firstly concentrate on your blog traffic for first few months. You can create a free blog on Blogger or WordPress.

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2. Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

This is another best way to make money online after blogging. In this method, you need to promote a product. You have to refer a product to some people and if they refer that product, you will get some commission. It depends on no. of people who will refer your product to make money online. In upcoming days, I will post a detailed article about how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

3. Make Money Online with Tweets

This is somewhat easier method to make money online but it is difficult to earn more from this method. Some websites are there which will give you money if you share a tweet to your followers in twitter. If you tweet their messages to your followers, then you will get some money. Firstly you have to choose a category for your twitter and then register. Sponsored websites contact you after sometime and start tweeting their messages to your followers and start earning.

The best website to make money online with tweets is sponsoredtweets

4. Make Money Online with e-Books

This is another best way to make money online but it requires some talent from you. If you are expert in something then write an eBook and submit your eBook in sites like Amazon. If your eBook goes viral in these and if your eBook sales starts then you will get tons of money. You can earn lot of money with this method but it requires your talent. If you are very good at something the write an eBook and start publishing.

5. Make Money Online with PPD(Pay-per-Download)

This is very easy method to make money online. PPD means Pay Per Download. It doesn't require any talent at all. Firstly you should upload a file on websites that are offering PPD then you will get a link to download that file. Then start promoting that link in social networking sites or anywhere. If any person visit your link to download that file then a survey will open. Without completing the survey they can't download that file. So mostly they will complete the survey and you will get money after they complete the survey.

The best website to make money online with PPD is Fileice
Above methods are the best ways to make money online. Some more ways are there but you can't earn money more with those and they requires lot of time. So what’s you are thinking, start earning with few of these ways. Share your best ways to make money on line.

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