How to get Backlinks to your Website or Blog

How to get Backlinks to your Website or Blog

In Previous article, I posted about how to get traffic to your blog. I recommend you to read that post before this article. Today this post is about how to get backlinks to your website. Backlinks are the biggest part in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Usually, the more quality backlinks your blog have, the more traffic your blog will get from search engines. Everyone wants their blog to be high in search rankings. Google will take many factors to place search results for specific keyword. Backlinks is one of the important factor for search engines. If your blog have more backlinks, then your blog will be high in search results. Normally many webmasters will bring traffic to their blog using social networking sites or some other methods. But getting traffic from search engines like Google or Bing is very important but it’s not easy to get traffic from search results. Firstly your blog need some unique content. After that build backlinks to your blog. But many people don't know how to get backlinks to their blog. Getting backlinks is not too easy as well as not difficult either. Google firstly check how many backlinks your blog have to place your position in search results. Suppose if your blog has about 20 good backlinks and another blog with same topic have 25 good backlinks too, then usually the blog with 25 backlinks will beat the blog with 20 backlinks in search results. So it’s very important to get more backlinks to your blog. Today I will share you the top ways to get quality backlinks to your blog.

How to get backlinks to your website or blog

1. participate in forums

Find forums that are related to your blog topic. After finding, sign-up in those forums and be active by posting your article and answering questions that were asked by some other people. Don't spam by posting your article many times as they may ban you in that forum. Express your opinions in those forums with your blog link back to it. Discuss about some topics rather than posting your links always in those forums. It will bring traffic to your website also. Add your link in Signature Bio that will be in your account settings.

2. guest posting

Guest Posting is the best way to get quality backlinks to your website but it is very difficult to get backlinks from Guest posting as it takes too much time. In this method, you will not only get backlinks, it brings traffic to your blog also. Find some websites that are related to your niche and make sure those websites must accept guest posts. In guest posts, write an article for their blog with your blog link and if they accepts your guest post, your blog will get high quality backlinks. Make sure to write a guest post in high authority sites only. One backlink from high authority website is greater than 100's of backlinks from low quality websites. So always write a guest post in high quality sites. Even if you write a guest post, it doesn't guarantee they will accept your guest post. If you write an unique and informative article and if they like they will accept your guest post and you will get backlinks to your blog.

3. blog commenting

Blog commenting is another way to get backlinks to your blog. It’s one of the easiest way to get backlinks and many webmasters are using this method. Make sure you always comment on high Quality websites. Don't spam by commenting same link and anchor text in many sites. If you spam like these, your blog will be in blacklist from search engines. Comment on blogs related to that article and link your blog at the end. These days, many websites are not allowing comments directly as your comment needs approval. So be unique and specific by commenting on blogs.

4. social bookmarking sites

This is another easy way to get backlinks to your blog. Submit each and every article to social bookmarking sites that you have posted in your blog. It will not only bring backlinks, it will bring huge traffic also. So it’s important to submit your every post. Below are the top 5 social bookmarking sites that you should submit.

2. Digg

5. Submit your blog to high pR doFollow Directories

This is the most important way to get backlinks to your blog as well as authority of you blog will also improve. If you have just created new blog then this is the next step you need to do. Here i am also sharing the Top high PR Directories to submit your blog.

6. Ask your friends and neighbors

This is somewhat difficult but it works surely. I like this method a lot as backlinks create to my blog quickly. Find some blog owners and request them to link your blog in their articles and favour them by linking their blog in your posts. Firstly, find those blog owners and be friendly with them. Make friendship with them and request them to link your blog. It works 100% if you have friendly relationship with them.

If you follow above methods, then surely you will get backlinks to your blog and your blog will be top in search results according to no.of backlinks you will get. If you want any kind of help from me, just comment below or contact me.
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