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Create Custom WordPress Theme–Best Of Resources

Create WordPress themes with your own design its easy and fun, if you’ve the right tutorials and resources in your arsenal. How to create WordPress themes is a combination of few learning, dedication and eagerness/interest to create something beautiful.

To extend the helping hand, here’s the best of resources and tutorials and books and YouTube video links for you to follow through, in the process of creating WordPress themes.

I’m assuming, that you’re well versed, I wouldn’t say well versed, but at least familiar with little bit of HTML, CSS and PHP. Just go through these tutorials, in case, if you’re not.

For HTML/CSSHTML Beginner Tutorials, CSS Beginner Tutorial.

For PHPBeginner PHP Tutorials

Now you’re ready to rock, Let’s grab all the resources to Create WordPress Themes.

How To Install WordPress On Localhost

Here’s how you install WordPress locally on your computer system using XAMPP. Using this you can test your WordPress themes locally. This is the test environment which allows you install, code and develop WordPress themes right on your computer system.

How To Create WordPress Themes – Best Of Web

How to Build a Custom WordPress Theme from Scratch

Here’s a pretty fair demo by Chris Spooner, on how to create WordPress theme from scratch. With the brief introduction of Anatomy of WordPress themes and how things work.

The Ultimate WordPress Theme Development Glossary

Before you jump in head over heel, trying to code your WordPress theme, it’s always better to know the options we can use. What all tricks and tips we’ve in our arsenal to choose and use at the right time, in the right conditions. This glossary is a must read for all.

How to Code a WordPress 3.0 Theme from Scratch

This is a pretty straight forward tutorial on how to code a WordPress theme from scratch. If you’re done with the documentations and have a fair knowledge of WordPress Theme anatomy and functions and hooks to be used. You’re right on the spot.

How to Build A WordPress Theme From Scratch Part One

Another tutorial, if you’re running out of time, eager to see your first WordPress theme installed and live on your blog. This tutorial will guide you easy, covering each and every details for you to follow through.

How To Create a Simple WordPress Blog Theme

Line25 has a wide array of WordPress theme creation tutorials, and this goes for all beginners out there. Tutorial covers all things WordPress, basic structure, anatomy, and know-how of a WordPress theme, before it actually jumps into coding the rest of the WordPress theme.

How to Build a Responsive WordPress Theme with Bootstrap

Responsive design is the modern era. Using Bootstrap and WordPress, this tutorial will guide you to create WordPress theme which are responsive in nature. Do note, at the end you’re left with a very simple design for you to customize and to add desirables as per your likings.

The ThemeShaper WordPress Theme Tutorial: 2nd Edition

This is the latest and 2nd edition for you to dive into WordPress Theme tutorials and learn the know-how of everything WordPress and how to create WordPress themes. Not a tutorial, but a series for you to grasp things easily, and learn one or few things at a time. Take your time following this beautiful series by Themeshaper, on how to create WordPress themes.

So you want to create WordPress themes huh?

Another extensive series on WordPress Theme development, in a simple and lucid lingo. WPDesigner has covered all the tools and tricks required for you to start over without wasting time.

Developing Your First WordPress Theme

This 3 day course by WP Tutsplus network is one of the extensive guide, covering all the aspects of a good WordPress theme, how to start, pro-tips and tricks. Along with that fair idea of the coding functions has been covered, along with the demo theme for you to download over and play with it.

WordPress Theme Development Training Wheels

Another extensive 4 day training wheel, covering all things needed to create WordPress themes, for you to have a better grasp. This tutorial will teach you to convert HTML/CSS template into WordPress theme. So if you’re good at creating HTML/CSS templates, with a little help you can convert your HTML/CSS templates to WordPress themes.

How To Create WordPress Themes From Scratch Part 1

Old but a gold, this tutorial covers everything from designing and structuring WordPress theme to coding and tweaking it and more. Another series to create WordPress themes for you to enjoy.

Line25 Series To Create Typography Based WordPress Blog Theme

To create a typography based WordPress theme, this series by Line25 cover three tutorials covering the Photoshop design stage, HTML and CSS coding stage, and finally, converting it to a beautiful typography based WordPress theme.

How To Create Your Own Custom WordPress Theme

Another tutorial by Line25 using which developers can convert HTML/CSS mockups to WordPress themes.

WordPress Cheat Sheet

WP Tutsplus network, is one best network, where a user can learn everything WordPress. This WordPress cheat sheet throws light on how things work, how the WordPress theme works and know how every developer should know.

How To Customize WordPress Themes – Comprehensive Guide

New to WordPress themes? Interested in customizing your WordPress themes, this comprehensive guide will teach you everything a user should know.

If You’re Interested In Books

Building WordPress Themes from Scratch

With good sets of examples, Joe Casabona, has covered it all. This book along with theoretical knowledge covers a package theme named “Director”, set of PSD files, set of HTML files created from the PSDs, and finally, how to convert it into a WordPress theme. Everything that’s related to WordPress is covered with in-depth details, along with one good example for readers to follow and implement the learning.

Video Tutorials On How To Create WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme Tutorial Series: Start to Finish (Video Series in Progress)

This video series by AwfulMedia offers in-detail tutorials on how to create WordPress themes. This is one of the latest WordPress Theme Development video tutorial you’ll ever find on web. Enjoy the series.

Adaptive Blog Theme: From Photoshop to WordPress

Right from designing the WordPress theme in Adobe Photoshop, to slicing and coding it into HTML/CSS to PHP and bringing it to life. This tutorial has around 50 screencasts covering A – Z of WordPress Theme creation process.

Designing for WordPress: Complete Series & Downloads

Video series by Chris Coyers is another great addition to our extensive resource. It teaches all the design basics and how to get started with the WordPress theme development. You can also download the video series for future reference.

Some Starter WordPress Themes For Right-On Development

Underscores Starter Theme

Thematic, A WordPress Theme Framework

Forums To Clear Your Doubts Support

ThemeShaper Forums

Lorelle on WordPress

Other Resources and Documentation

WordPress Lessons

Receive only one Function Reference in your Mailbox,
Every Day, for Free – Daily Documentation On WordPress

WordPress Template Tag Reference Guide

WordPress Initialization

WordPress Functions.php Snippets

WordPress Code Snippets

So these are some of the best resources to create WordPress themes and to know more each and every detail regarding the process. Do share your experience or any other great resource to learn more about WordPress Theme Development.

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