20 Best ways to get traffic from Pinterest To your Blog

 Top 20 Best ways to get traffic from Pinterest for your Blog or Website

How can we draw more traffic for our Blog from Pinterest or any other social networking site, so that your Blog become more popular?

These are the some questions that every blogger has in his mind. We will give you some proven ways that will help you attract more traffic from Pinterest. Here are the Top 20 Best ways to market your Blog or website.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is like a social networking site that will help you draw traffic for your blog. By using Pinterest you can see a huge increase your traffic. Pinterest a social networking site that allows you to create online image stores, image gallery or we can say that collage. This collages are called Pinboards. You can follow other users on Pinterest and vice-versa.

Is Pinterest really good to attract more traffic for a Blog / Website?

Currently Pinterest has more than 70 million users and a lot more daily unique visitors. According to a survey in Pinterest helped websites to draw more traffic than G+, LinkedIn, and Reddit -Combined. So yes Pinterest is really enough good to draw more traffic for your Blog or Website.

Is Pinterest is better than Facebook for your Blog?

Most of the people don’t know about the right answer for this question. According to a survey or data taken from social Media Today there are some facts:

  1. Pinterest traffic converted to sale 22% more than Facebook.

  2. Visitors came from Pinterest spend 60% more that Facebook Visitors.

  3. Facebook traffic has a bounce rate of 90% but Pinterest visitors have only 75%.

Getting started on Pinterest: Early things to do on Pinterest to get more traffic for Blog / Website:

  • First make your account.

  • Write your business name as your profile name. This will help visitors to know more about your Blog / Website.

  • There is a section where you have to write yourself. By doing this you will let your visitors / followers know about yourself. This will help to your business to grow.

  • You will have to pin a lot of news about your Blogs / Website, Blog’s Photos, Videos, Business Pics etc. This will help the visitors to know more about your business.

  • Add URL of your website in the section where you wrote about yourself.

  • Tag other users in your post.

  • Connect your Pinterest account with Facebook and Twitter. So that more people will know about your blog & business. This will make them engage with you.

  • Download all Pinterest Mobile App for Android, iPhone or any other Smartphone. Now you can pin your post even when you don’t have PC or laptops.

  • Add pictures in your every pin because attractive will on your Pin Board will attract more people. So just pin your website post on your Board with good looking photos.

  • Make your Board attractive so that more people will follow you.

  • Share your Pins on Facebook and Twitter too.

  • Pin Latest Content from Blog to update your followers.

  • Use different Pin Boards for different category. So that people can find their interest related content easily.

  • You can use Pinterest widget to show recent pin in your Website.

  • Use those Social Media plugin in your Website or Blog that will show Pin it button under each post. This will help your Blog visitors to share your content with their Pin Accounts.

  • When you Pin a post on your board, use Keyword related your post in that Pin. If people will search on Pinterest Search Bar, your Pins will be shown.

  • Older Content of your website should be have place on your website so that visitor can also pin that content.

  • Your Website / Business team related board must be on one Board. Visitors will know about your dedicated team and will trust you more.

  • Always add your personal interest in making your Blog / Business successful. Visitors will learn from your past experience.

  • Always explore Pinterest. Find out what are the popular Trends on Pinterest and Pin latest search related stuff on your Boards.

  • If you want to find out, who else is pinning your stuff. Just type http://pinterest.com/source/yoursitehere. 
These are the Top 20 Best ways to market your Blog. So we advise you to just follow this steps. We are sure you will get more traffic for your blog. You have to just follow these Top 20 Best Ways to Market Blog. Pinterest will surely be helpful to draw more traffic for you blog.

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