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10 Guest Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Guest blogging is one of my favourite internet marketing methods. Although it is my favourite method yet I use it occasionally. I’m not among those guest bloggers who are greedy about links. I’m different; I need links but only “quality link”. When I started guest blogging, I had little or no idea about this term. After spending four years in blogging and writing field, I can say that I know many, though not all, aspects of “guest blogging”. My main purpose of this blog is to help every new blogger. I don’t want a blogger to do those guest blogging mistakes, which I had done or others bloggers still do. Therefore, I’m going to highlight 10 common guest blogging mistakes that you should avoid at any cost.

1. Submitting Post To Low-Quality Blogs

There are many bloggers who remain in hurry. They think guest blogging is a trick with which they can increase traffic in a matter of days. No doubt, result of guest blogging is quite effective but you can’t get good results if you post on low-quality blogs.

Bloggers choose new and low-quality blogs since they know that getting approval from a high quality blog owner usually take time. They want to grow traffic “overnight”, so they prefer to get links from a low quality blog than to get link from a quality blog. It is indeed a big mistake of a blogger.

If you want to see good and long term results then you should wait and get a link from a quality blog. I advise you to wait for a quality link as it unlocks many benefits for you.

At this point, I would like to clear the term “low quality blog”. Well, it is a blog with bad content or only guest posts. When you go for guest blogging then you find many blogs that are designed to accept only guest posts. There is no need to submit your posts to these blogs.

2. Getting Links From Irrelevant Blogs

Another guest blogging mistake that is commonly being made by new and some old bloggers is to get link from irrelevant blog. For example, a person has a blog of make money online while he is submitting a post to “finance” or some other niche blog. He doesn’t know the bad effects of this irrelevancy.

In case you want to target diverse audience for your blog then you should try to post on those blogs that are eighty to seventy percent related to “Main theme” of your blog. However, there is no need to get a link from a website the subject or theme of which is nothing to do with the main subject of your theme.

Normally, the bloggers think that they should check “PR” of a blog and nothing else. Well, they are going on the wrong path. PR is an important consideration but another consideration is “relevancy”. You should never overlook the relevancy factor of a blog where you are becoming a guest.

3. Becoming Greedy For Backlinks

When bloggers are employing guest blogging as an internet marketing trick then 8 out of 10 bloggers mainly emphasize on backlinks and nothing else. It is the biggest mistake they do. No doubt, the main purpose of guest blogging is to obtain links but another purpose is to have a “Valuable Sitting” on other blog. If you keep in mind second purpose then trust me your first and main purpose will be accomplished automatically.

Usually, bloggers write three to five posts with little information and start sharing them on other blogs. I think it is not the right way of getting good traffic. Instead of getting traffic from three to five blogs, you should write one informative post on a high PR blog and you will notice amazing results in the form of constant traffic.

4. Offering Poor Content

It is indeed one of the main guest blogging mistakes that every new guest blogger makes. He thinks that he needs traffic, so he writes few useless posts in one day and starts submitting them in different blogs. He gets negative response from many bloggers who don’t need crappy content for their high PR blogs.

So, if you don’t want rejection of your posts then you should try to create “informative, engaging and unique” and then to submit it. Keep readers in mind while writing a post, your task is to offer them valuable content for reading; no need to write an article only for getting links.

Follow these seven steps when you are composing an article:

  1. Choose the best Topic

  2. Go and research on topic

  3. Keep readers in mind

  4. Write with your unique style

  5. Proof read your content

  6. Format article properly

  7. Add your blog link in a natural way

At this point, you should know that some bloggers don’t accept a topic that you have chosen instead they want to choose a topic themselves. You should carefully read each and every guideline of other bloggers when you are going for guest blogging. Some bloggers suggest some topics while others permit you to come with one to five topics when contacting with them; they approve one topic of their choices.

5. Writing Poor Author Bio

It happens many times that bloggers reject your application of guest blogging due to your poor Author bio.

One example of Poor Author Bio is:

“Sunesh Yadav is an expert author. Check her site www.xyz.com

One example of Good Author Bio:
“Sunesh Yadav is an experienced blogger who likes to share informative posts with the readers. He works as a contributing author of a technology website (you can leave your tech site link here). You can find him on Google plus, Twitter and Facebook (add profile links).”

Author bio should look professional. Blogger must add their social profile links to beautify their bios.

6. Sending Impersonalized Emails

It is again one of those common mistakes that every new and professional guest blogger do. They write an email. When they want to submit an article, they copy paste this email and send it. It is a wrong approach and you should avoid it. 9 out of 10 people reject guest bloggers applications due to impersonalized emails.

They want a blogger to address them personally. So, if you want to avoid this mistake then you should always send a personalized email. When you will address the blogger and talk about his blog post specifically then chances of your blog approval increase to a great extent. Bloggers hate impersonalized emails, so don’t send them.

7. Not Reading Guest Posting Guidelines

No doubt, it is again a common guest blogging mistake that is done by many bloggers.
When they come to know that a blog is accepting guest post, they don’t bother to read guidelines and submit their posts. They start waiting for the response while they have little or no idea about a mistake, which they have made. They wait for weeks and think that bloggers don’t need their posts while in reality they have missed an important step of guest blogging i.e. reading guidelines.

Read Guest Blogging Guidelines to avoid guest blogging mistakes
Actually, when the blogger get a post that doesn’t meet some specific requirements then he realizes that the guest blogger was in hurry and didn’t bother to check his guidelines. Instead of replying back, he rejects it.

It is advisable to read guest blogging guidelines that shed light on main requirements of a post. When you read these guidelines, you get an idea what exactly blogger needs. I think reading such guideline is beneficial for a guest bloggers since he comes to know about the post requirement; thus, he can create a post that matches with requirement. So, chances of post approval enhances to a great extent.

8. Sending Rewrites or Copied Content

Keep in mind that bloggers are not stupid. They are experienced guys who have enough information regarding content. Many guest bloggers try to save their time; they get a post, rewrite it with a few changes and send it to blogger.

Don’t Copy
When a blogger checks this article then he ascertains that it is a rewritten material. Therefore, he declined guest posting offer. In case you actually need a good link for your blog then you should send unique and new content to a blogger.

There is no need to send copied or rewrites as such post will reduce chances of your guest post’s approval.

9. Not Replying to Comments of Guest Post

It is a common practice that guest bloggers leave a blog when they get a link. They never think that following up practice is very effective for their blog traffic. In another words, a guest blogger should always check his guest post just to check reader’s comment.

Sometimes, readers ask questions from guest blogger who is not there to give an answer for. You should check your guest post occasionally and give answer to questions; you will see a change in your blog traffic if you go for this follow-up guest post technique.

10. Not Promoting Your Guest Post

Last but not the least, one of common guest blogging mistakes is that guest bloggers get the links and run away. It is definitely a wrong approach that should be avoided. If you want good and long term results of your guest posting then you should always promote your guest post. Share it on your social circles with your name, if you want to do an effective guest blogging. Don’t forget to bookmark it on social websites.

Wrap UP

I’m sure that when you will avoid above-mentioned 10 guest blogging mistakes then you are able to get instant approval of your submitted guest posts. I have mentioned all those mistakes, which I had done. In case you have done some other mistakes during your guest blogging practice then feel free to share it with me. There is a possibility that a newbie guest blogger “learn from your mistake”.

Happy Guest Blogging!!!!!!
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